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Sep 2020

Working Through Loss and Grief

Loss and grief is something we all experience. It is especially difficult during these challenging times. However, it is not just the loss of a loved one, it is the loss of opportunities, events, tradition, and milestones, such as weddings or graduations that has many of us dealing with an array of emotions.  Dana Hayes, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Bereavement Counselor for Angelic Health, helps families work through their grief. She explains how we can take steps to move forward.

Sep 2020

Black Panther Actor Loses Battle With Colorectal Cancer - These New Guidelines Could Save Your Life


The recent loss of 43-year old Black Panther actor,  Chadwick Boseman,  due to colorectal cancer brought renewed attention to this highly preventable disease. Let's face it, no one looks forward to a colonoscopy, but you know what's worse? Getting colorectal cancer. This life-saving test is much easier than it used to be and most of us only have to do it every 5-10 years. Michael Del Rosario, M.D., Director of The Division of Colorectal Surgery at AtlantiCare, explains the new guidelines for this test, along with the symptoms, treatment options, and prevention of colorectal cancer.


As a general and colorectal surgeon, Dr. Michael Del Rosario blends a love of science and technology with a personal touch. “As a student, I enjoyed the purity of science, research, and truth, and volunteering in my local ER gave me a chance to explore the human connection,” Dr. Del Rosario says. “Choosing medicine seemed to be the best combination of both worlds and allows me to make a difference in peoples’ lives.” Dr. Del Rosario earned his medical degree at the State University of New York (SUNY) Downstate College of Medicine. He completed his residency at St. Barnabas Medical Center, and his fellowship in colon and rectal surgery at the University of Illinois, Department of Colorectal Surgery. He is board certified in General Surgery and Colorectal Surgery. Specializing in robotic and advanced laparoscopic surgery, he was the first surgeon in this area to perform laparoscopic colon surgery, in 2003, and the first to perform robotic colon surgery with the daVinci robotic system, in 2011. He has admired AtlantiCare’s desire to bring high quality care to this area and is excited to be joining the team. “AtlantiCare is always evolving to keep ahead of trends in medicine, and that’s what I love to do, too,” he says.

Sep 2020

The Time To Prepare For An Emergency Is Before It Happens - Rosie Taravella - CEO, Red Cross NJ


Fires and natural disasters can occur at any time. The more prepared we are, the better the outcome.  Do you have a "survival kit" packed and ready if you had to leave quickly?  Do you have a meeting place for your family? Rosie Taravella, Regional CEO of the American Red Cross New Jersey Region discusses emergency planning, volunteering,  red cross apps, and much-needed blood donations for the American Red Cross.



As regional chief executive officer of the American Red Cross New Jersey Region, @RosieTaravella oversees all Red Cross disaster services, volunteer management, service to the Armed Forces, fundraising, and external relations within the state. New Jersey is home to 8.9 million residents and is the most densely populated state in the country.

Taravella joined the Red Cross in 2012 as regional chief executive officer of the American Red Cross of Central New York, overseeing the organization’s operations throughout 16 Central New York counties. In late 2014, the region was expanded to include Western New York, with Taravella providing oversight for 26 counties as chief executive officer of the American Red Cross of Western and Central New York. During her tenure, Taravella developed a vision and strategy to increase the teamwork of employees reporting across the region, executed a plan to reduce the number of facilities in the region to better utilize donor dollars, and partnered with emergency management officials to develop community resilience and improve readiness for large-scale disasters.


Aug 2020

Not Your Father’s Hip or Knee Replacement/Robotics and Same Day Surgery - Dr. Fabio Orozco, Orthopaedic Surgeon


Fabio_Orozco9gdh9.jpgWhen it comes to a knee or hip replacement, the latest robotic procedures and state of the art techniques have made this surgery easier, quicker and more effective.  In many cases, it is now done as outpatient, same day surgery. 

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr. Fabio Orozco, of Orozco Orthopaedics,  Linwood and Manahawkin, explains more.


Aug 2020

Sitting Is The New Smoking - Here’s How To Get Moving - Ben Reuter, PhD, Exercise Physiologist


Ben Reuter, PhD is an exercise physiologist teaching at a regional university. He is a, lifetime mover and athlete who has delved into the world of podcasting with @_mov2liv and @fitlabpgh. He believes movement should be treated as a lifestyle...not just an activity because movement is part of what makes life complete. 

Aug 2020

Natural Healing When We Need It Most - Stacey Chillemi, Author of The Complete Herbal Guide


Living_Well_Podcast_-_Herbal_Guide_-_Stacey_Chillemi6816t.jpg Inspired by her own personal lifelong battle with epilepsy, Stacey Chillemi set out to find natural healing remedies for her condition which led to helping others with their own conditions. Author of 20 books, including The Complete Guide to Natural Healing and Natural Remedies for Common Conditions, Stacey Chillemi shares her inspiring story and helps us learn more about natural healing and herbal remedies that can help us in our own lives. Visit her at

Popular health and lifestyle columnist, Stacey Chillemi is the founder of The Complete Herbal Guide and a recognized health and natural remedies expert, with over 20 years in practice as a Health Coach. She writes for the Huffington Post, Huff Post, Thrive Global, and Medium (Owned by Arianna Huffington). She has been a guest on the Dr. Oz Show, local news, and numerous radio shows. Her focus is on natural healing, herbal remedies, alternative methods, self-motivation, food for medicine, nutrition, fitness, natural beauty remedies,  and the power of positive thinking.

Aug 2020

Overcome Addiction and Move On With Your Life - Dawn Belamarich - CEO Recovery Centers of America



If you are struggling with addiction, it is good to know you are not alone. If fact, there has been an increase in people needing treatment since the beginning of the pandemic.  Dawn Belamarich is CEO of Recovery Centers of America at Lighthouse in Mays Landing, NJ.  She explains their inpatient and outpatient programs based on the 12 Steps of Recovery, and how RCA is adjusting their protocols to continue to provide care during this challenging time.

Dawn Belamarich is an experienced leader and advocate within the community, recently assuming the role of CEO at Recovery Centers of America at Lighthouse. After achieving two master’s degrees and having worked in various social service and treatment settings, Dawn found a permanent home within the social service fabric of South Jersey. For over a decade, Dawn has been an influential leader within the field, carrying roles such as therapist, supervisor, administrator, and now Chief Executive Officer. She developed an unrelenting passion for working with those in need. Dawn is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor, and has certifications to work with those struggling with gambling addiction and trauma. From working with adults in a state prison environment to working with youth in intensive outpatient and aftercare modalities, Dawn has not only developed a concrete understanding of how addiction works but has also developed the most important characteristic in addiction and mental health treatment; knowing how to best guide individuals on their journey to bring about positive, sustainable change. In her role as CEO at RCA Lighthouse, Dawn hopes to continue to aid individuals in bringing about positive change on their path to recovery.
Jul 2020

Are You Drinking Enough Water? Nutrition Counselor, Stacey Venneman, Explains Why You Should Be Drinking More

A simple glass of water...seems so easy right?

We all know we need to drink plentyLiving_Well_Podcast_-_Hydration_-_Stacey_Venneman_Robin_Stoloff9uipd.jpg of water every day, but the truth is, most Americans just don't get enough. When you feel thirsty,  you are already on your way to getting dehydrated. Staying hydrated helps regulate body temperature, keep joints lubricated, prevent infections, deliver nutrients to cells, and keep organs functioning properly. It can also improve how well our brain functions, the quality of our sleep, and even our mood.

  Stacey Venneman, owner of Stacey Venneman Nutritional Counseling in Linwood, NJ, is a nutrition counselor with a master's in nutrition, who develops customized plans for her clients to help them reach their nutritional goals.  She breaks down easy steps to stay hydrated as well as the food and beverages that help us stay hydrated and the ones that sabotage us...could it be beer or soda?  Here's what you need to know.




Jul 2020

Could You Recognize The Warning Signs of a Mental Health Problem? Here’s How

Just as we need CPR training for physical problems, Mental Health First Aid offers valuable training for us to recognize and help people with mental health issues. This global, lifesaving program is now taught in a one-day online course.  I took Youth Mental Health First Aid and plan to take Adult Mental Health First Aid Soon. Jaime Angelini, Director of Consumer Services for The Mental Health Association in Atlantic County, explains why we all need this important program. 


Mental Health First Aid is a course that teaches you how to identify, understand and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders. The training gives you the skills you need to reach out and provide initial help and support to someone who may be developing a mental health or substance use problem or experiencing a crisis.


More than 2 million people across the United States have been trained in Mental Health First Aid by a dedicated base of more than 15,000 Instructors.


Mental Health First Aiders are…

Teachers, first responders and veterans. They’re neighbors, parents and friends. They’re people in recovery, and those supporting a loved one They’re First Ladies and Mayors. Mental Health First Aiders are anyone who wants to make their community healthier, happier and safer for all.


If you or someone you know is in a crisis situation and having thoughts of death, dying and/or suicide, contact the following resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

NJ Hopeline: 1-855-654-6735

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

National Crisis Text Line: text the word “BRAVE” to 741-741

Trevor Lifeline (LGBTQ specific crisis line): 866-488-7386 or text “Trevor” to 1-202-304-1200

Veteran’s Crisis Line (National Suicide Prevention Lifeline): 1-800-273-8255 or text 838255



Jaime Angelini, MA, DRCC

Jaime Angelini is the Director of Consumers Services at the Mental Health Association in NJ. For close to two decades Jaime has worked as a mental health advocate and mental health educator. She pvides support, education and advocacy to individuals in NJ living with mental health challenges and substance use disorders.

Jaime is a certified Mental Health First Aid Instructor, QPR Instructor, Parent Educator, and Disaster Response Crisis Counselor. She is Co-chair of the Atlantic County Hoarding Task Force and has a special interest in working with individuals living with Hoarding Disorder. Additionally, Jaime spends a considerable amount of time at high schools and colleges educating students and young adults on the topic of mental health awareness, suicide prevention, and the importance of self-care.

Jaime has strong ties to the community and participates in a variety of boards and advocacy committees. When Super Storm Sandy hit in 2012, she was very actively involved in recovery efforts for more than 3 years.  In recent months, Jaime has spent a lot of her time providing emotional and mental health support to those impacted by COVID19.






Jul 2020

Welcome To The New World of TeleHealth - Margie Barham of Angelic Health Explains


We are all now living in a virtual world and visiting our healthcare provider online is a new experience for most of us. However, many people are finding TeleHealth or TeleMedicine easier and much more convenient than ever before. Margie Barham, Director of Public Relations at Angelic Health explains why and how to use it. 

Angelic Health is a leader in providing comprehensive Hospice, Palliative, and Transitional care, house call primary medicine, and TeleHealth services to New Jersey patients, and professional support to their families.

Their hospice is proud to be endorsed by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC), which reflects our agency's dedication and commitment to meeting the standards that demonstrate a higher level of performance and patient care. 

Margie Barham, is the director of public relations and giving for Angelic Health.  She has been an area leader in marketing communications and fund development professional in Southern New Jersey working in healthcare, education and public service organizations. Additionally, she has been a television producer and writer. She holds an MBA degree from  The University of Phoenix,  and Bachelors in Communications from Rowan University. 


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