It is not always easy to navigate everything life throws at you. Sometimes, we need a little help. Author, speaker, and Certified Transformational Life Coach, Susan De Lorenzo, specializes in helping those recovering from setbacks such as cancer, divorce, and job loss – a.k.a. “gifts in disguise,” using proven techniques for success.

After more than 20 years in the financial industry, Susan answered a deep calling to reach others with the message that a healthy, fulfilling life is not just for the few. It is our birthright; the inherent gift bestowed upon each of us to discover and reach for.

Susan overcame a difficult divorce and is a 16-year survivor of breast cancer and enjoys sharing her experience of full recovery, gratitude, and living life to the fullest despite the twists and turns we all encounter.

She received her coaching training and certification from the Life Mastery Institute in California, which boasts a proven track record for successful life transformation, beginning with the question, What would I love?


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