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Nov 2020

Must-Have Tips To Protect Yourself Online - Pete Canavan - Cybersecurity Expert

November 1, 2020
Living_Well_Podcast_-_Pete_Canavan9j0is.jpg Since the pandemic began, we have been doing so much more online. Whether it is school, work, banking, shopping, or even medical visits, we are now living in a virtual world. That makes us more vulnerable to cyber attacks, identity theft, and fraud. Pete Canavan is an expert in cybersecurity and a master martial arts instructor who helps keep us safe online and in the real world. From how to create a strong password,  to recognizing dangerous emails, Pete offers practical tips that we all need to know.  Don't miss this important information. 

Author, host of the Safety Talk radio show and podcast and personal safety expert Pete Canavan has made it his mission to improve personal safety. His extensive experience as an IT security consultant, self-defense instructor, and public safety professional allows him to provide practical, actionable solutions to threats that exist in both the digital and physical worlds. He has been helping clients and students learn how to protect themselves for over 20 years from all types of online and offline threats to their personal safety and security. Pete can educate your school or organization and enhance the safety and security of students, employees, and others.