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Living Well with Robin Stoloff

Dec 2020

Teen Life Coaching Program - POP - Planning, Organizing, Prioritizing

December 27, 2020

Typical challenges like grades, friends, dating, not fitting in, worrying about what people think, and peer pressure make it hard enough.

Today’s teens have the added pressure and stress of trying to manage the  24/7 barrage of social media and societal expectations. Add to that online learning and a global pandemic, and life for teens is more challenging than ever. A former teacher, author,  and mom of three, Renee Sinning, M. Ed is a Teen Leadership coach with an online program called POP - Planning, Organizing, Prioritizing.  These are skills teens need now and in the future.  Facing many of these challenges in her own life, Renee has developed a program to help your teen manage their life.  If you think your teen might benefit from the POP program, visit

Renee Sinning. M. Ed, is an experienced high school educator of 18 years, mom of three young adults, author, and certified professional coach. As a Life, Leadership, and Success Coach and Mentor to Teenagers, Renee helps teens learn the skills, tools, and strategies to become confident, motivated, and engaged in all areas of their lives. Having spent 18 years in the classroom, Renee saw way too many teenagers fall through the cracks, and is on a mission to give teens the tools they need to be successful. 

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